eBay Store Design & Management

Our first experienced for the inventory management was at eBay. And now we are also doing your store optimization with your inventory management that helps to bring you most visible store at eBay. Same way your product listing also will optimized for related category to come in top searches. Client is required to give product data in format of Excel (.xlsx) and after it he/she is free and there product will be activate on eBay by us. Minimize the cost of entire inventory at ebay using listing strategy.

Here our designers and inventory department will create the Custom design listing template for all product as per your choice or we will create listing in your design if you have. And after it will be uploaded to ebay and live it as per your mail communication. To close any items which you have not in stock or sold-out at anywhere client has to inform me to inactive the listing so that no one can buy it. The whole work will be examined by the supervisor at the time of to active product.

Our eBay services includes:

  • eBay store design
  • Product title optimisation
  • product categorisation
  • Promotion handling
  • Social media marking
  • Campaign services

We will update your items on regular basis and it will be our responsibility to active correct data as same as given to us. Our work will include creating items, Schedule, Active, Inactive, Inventory Availability, Reporting etc. AS per your requirement special kinds of promotions or offer will be active from our side.

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