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Welcome to our Bug Fixes & Solutions page, your go-to resource for resolving common issues and glitches. We understand that encountering bugs can be frustrating, so we’re here to help you with troubleshooting and fixing these issues quickly and efficiently.

While considering an annual website maintenance contract with us, it’s important to discuss what it includes and what is not, here is the bifurcation in detail for the same.

It includes

Backup and Recovery:

  • Regular backups of the website’s database and files.
  • Implementation of a reliable backup and recovery system to ensure data can be restored in case of issues or data loss.

Performance Optimization:

  • Monitoring and optimization of website speed and performance.
  • Image optimization to reduce page load times.
  • Implementation of caching mechanisms for faster content delivery.

Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting:

  • Identification and resolution of any website bugs or issues.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging code to maintain a smooth user experience.

SSL Certificate Management:

  • Ensuring the SSL certificate is valid and renewed.
  • Implementing secure connections to protect user data.

Database Management:

  • Optimization of database queries for improved performance.
  • Regular maintenance to clean up unnecessary data and ensure efficient database operations.

User Training and Support:

  • Providing ongoing support to website administrators and users one time.
  • Offering training sessions on using and managing the website effectively.

Emergency Support:

  • Availability for quick response and resolution of critical issues or emergencies.

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It doesn’t include

Updates & new request:

  • Changes which are not in scope, any new feature and development, any content changes which is taking more then 30 minutes will cost extra to client
  • Regular updates to the website’s core CMS (such as WordPress, Drupal, etc.).
  • Updates to plugins, themes, and other software components to patch security vulnerabilities.
  • Implementation of security best practices to protect against common threats.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Regular SEO audits to ensure the website is optimized for search engines.
    Implementation of SEO best practices, including meta tags, sitemaps, and keyword optimization.

NewContent Updates:

  • Adding, updating, or removing website content as needed.
  • Ensuring that all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Adding new pages or sections as required.

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