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We specialize in online marketing for companies looking to gain leads for their sales process. It’s a system called Inbound Marketing, and if you’re interested in growing your business, we’re interested in talking to you.

Inbound marketing works by taking all of the disparate online marketing activities and orienting them towards the same goal: generating business from your website.

Instead of having an email strategy, a social media strategy, an SEO strategy and every other aspect of online marketing, everything gets folded into an inbound marketing strategy.

What is Inbound Marketing?

According to HubSpot, “Inbound marketing is not a tactic, channel, or technology. It’s a way to approach your marketing to capitalize on the way consumers make buying decisions today”. We couldn’t agree more. Inbound marketing recognizes that people don’t like being interrupted, and that the most effective strategies involved creating great content that people want to interact with.

Inbound marketing leans heavily on analytics to determine what’s working and what isn’t, and focuses on converting visitors to leads to customers. Pulling all of this information together is improved significantly by using a platfrom like HubSpot to manage your inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing With Us

Twist2Web Strategies works with companies that want to implement inbound marketing in their organization or who want help taking their results to the next level. We do this by first working through an inbound marketing assessment to identify areas that are working well and areas that may need improvement.

The next step is developing a strategy. The strategy is based off of persona research, content strategy, and any existing analytics. In the world of online marketing, the strategy and execution are tied at the hip. Once we have a strategy set, we work with the client to either oversee or to wholly execute the work the needs to be done.


The activities are based on where the the conversion funnel a person is. Here’s where they line up:

  1. Attracting Traffic (Social Media, Blogging, keywords, website content)
  2. Converting Traffic into Leads (landing pages, calls to action, forms, information gathering)
  3. Closing Leads into Customers (Targeting leads with nurturing emails, setting up workflows)
  4. Delighting Customers and turning them into Evangelists (getting other customers to bring in new prospects)

Where does HubSpot fit into this?

HubSpot is actually a platform that does all of those things. Some people like to buy the platform from us and then run it themselves, and some like to have us work with them for a longer term to help them manage everything that has to happen.

You might be thinking “but I already have something that does part of that”. You’re right. But by pulling all of the information into one spot, we can see how effective marketing campaigns are across different areas. Maybe someone follows you on twitter, clicks a link, subscribes to the newletter and then downloads an ebook two months later. Can your current system track all of that?

Already have HubSpot?

Cool. So do we. It’s pretty great. We work with clients all the time who already have HubSpot and either want some additional guidance on what their strategy should be with the platform, or who don’t want to have to hire someone to manage it.

For people who’ve just bought HubSpot, we offer a 90-day getting started plan that builds out all of the components of a successful HubSpot strategy.

If you’ve been on the platform for a while but are looking to shake things up, we can work to provide you with pricing according to your needs, from just needing some back-up to overseeing all of your inbound marketing.

Why wait more? Start taking action NOW.